The VitalTac Flashlight is so powerful, you’ll have to see it to believe it! The ultimate go-anywhere-do anything tool.

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  • by: Sophia Patterson
  • June 19, 2024
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SUMMARY: The rugged VitalTac is the ultimate must-have for any bug-out bag, emergency kit, or outdoor arsenal.
Whether for hiking, cycling, camping, or even emergency situations, the VitalTac Flashlight is the essential tool that illuminates even the darkest of situations.

My wife and I love to travel when we get the chance. Going somewhere off the beaten path to experience nature on camping trips is something we try to do at least once a month. Over the years, we’ve experienced all sorts of mishaps on our adventures — having to change tires in the middle of an unlit dirt road, searching for a lost tent pin in the moonlight, you name it.

Thankfully we always had our phones to use as flashlights, but because we were constantly draining the battery of our only connection to the outside world, we figured we needed a better solution.

“Immense power in a tiny package”

My wife told me about this flashlight she’d been hearing a lot about from different camping groups, and when she showed it to me, I was blown away. We ordered one each immediately. Never have I been so impressed with a small purchase.

The VitalTac Flashlight absolutely illuminates anything you point it at, and unlike my phone flashlight, the range it brightened in front of me was so wide,  I barely had to move it to see all around. With an adjustable telescoping bezel, the VitalTac’s focal length can be adjusted with ease to suit your needs for virtually every situation. Since we started packing it on our camping trips, we haven’t needed to bring any other kind of artificial light, and our phone batteries have been safe from draining.

It doesn’t even stop at camping — now we use it around our home, walking the dog
at night, basically every time we need a light. It’s become an all-around house tool.

After being so pleased with the first two units, we went ahead and bought a couple more for the house and car, and a few for our friends and family for the holidays. Everybody loved them.

Some of the friends we gave them to are survivalists, and it’s now an essential part of their kit. They think the light-weight yet tough construction made it perfect for their needs. They were most impressed by its military aircraft-grade aluminum which allows it to be resistant to harsh weather, dropping, and scratches.

The family members we gave it to also had glowing reviews. My parents and nieces use them whenever they go out for a walk at night, as the built-in ‘Strobe Mode’ is powerful enough to temporarily blind attackers. They feel so much safer knowing they have a safety device stuffed in their pockets.

In addition to having multiple focus settings and a strobe mode, the VitalTac
flashlight also comes with a handy SOS mode for emergencies.

But of all the great features everybody is loving about the VitalTac , its most basic feature impressed me the most — the sheer power. Because VitalTac is engineered with the bleeding edge of LED technology, the illumination it provides is second to none. The light that comes through the tempered glass simply lights up the darkness brilliantly, and for a surprisingly long time too.

After having used it on more than a few times on camping trips, I was floored to discover that despite the intense brightness the VitalTac generated, it could run for a whopping 15 hours on just a single charge! For something that pumps out 9000 lumens and shines up to 500 meters, that is truly an impressive feat

Another thing I loved about the unit, which I discovered completely by accident, was that it was waterproof. After having to change my pool lights after a storm, the VitalTac survived falling into the water and staying submerged overnight. Sure enough, when I looked up the specs, the unit comes with an IP65 standard waterproof certification, which, when coupled with its robust engineering and rugged construction, make it just about indestructible.

“Turning total darkness virtually into daylight”

I was surprised to learn that the VitalTac had one last trick up its sleeve. I never gave a second thought to the bezel’s odd ridged construction, or why the glass protecting the LED had to be tempered, but apparently the grooves along the bezel are actually made for smashing car window panes in case of vehicular emergencies. Of course, we already had one in our car, but after learning this, we put one in our other vehicles too.

The VitaTac is so versatile that there isn’t a poorly illuminated situation that it’s not perfectly built for.

Is the VitalTac the flashlight tool you’ve been looking for?

You just have to use the VitalTac Flashlight once to understand why it’s been making such a splash online, and why so many mountaineers, outdoors men, and even military personnel count it among the tools they regularly trust their lives with.

It’s practically over-engineered to the highest specifications you could want, extremely dependable, and built like a brick. I’ve never had a complaint from anybody I’ve gifted them to. In fact, I almost always get calls asking where to find them. Luckily for them — and for you, the folks over at VitalTac are currently offering them at a discount for a limited time, so now is the best time to go out and try it for yourself. I guarantee you’ll never go back to using another flashlight again.

“It’s surprising how much peace of mind simply having the right tool for the job
can give you.”
Maybe THIS was that final safety measure the cop wished that everyone had.

What exactly is the VitalTac Flashlight?

Simply put, it’s a purpose-built tactical flashlight that is perfect for heavy duty use. Whether it be outdoors, at home, in survival situations or emergencies. It’s been engineered and built from the ground up to take abuse and keep going reliably for a very long time.

Everything from the ergonomics, materials and design have been carefully considered and tested under rigorous conditions to function just like the first time, every time. Because of this, it’s found its way into the arsenal of law enforcement, military, outdoorsmen and survivalists as the best flashlight on the market.

Built to take a beating

Taking everything into consideration the VitalTac goes above and beyond what can be asked of a regular flashlight. Here are all the reasons to it’s simply the only option:

Military Aircraft Grade Aluminum - Crafted with materials that are relied upon to keep the lives of elite operators safe.

Telescopic Zoom - Rotating action around the bezel intensifies the already brilliant light and illuminate a wide area for up to 500 meters.

9000 Lumens - Turns even the darkest environments ito well-lit areas, and is powerful enough to temporarily blind attackers quickly and effectively.

Compact Design - The VitalTac is small and light enough to fit in your day bag, glove compartment, or even your pocket.

IP65 Waterproof - High water resistance standard to keep it running in the harshest environments. 

5 Adjustable Modes - Adjustable from low, medium, high, to SOS and Strobe Mode for wide a range of situations.

Foolproof ease of use

Thanks to it’s intuitive design, anyone can learn to use all of the VitalTac’s functions quickly.

  • Step 1: Press the orange trigger at the butt of the VitalTac to turn it on.
  • Step 2: Use the rotating sleeve around the bezel to activate 3 different intensities.
  • Step 3: Cycle through the different modes with the orange trigger. 

It requires no additional tools, strength, or complex instructions. If you can flip a light switch, you can operate the VitalTac Flashlight.

Everyone online swears by the VitalTac. Here’s what some are saying:

So simple but it works so well

“Been using my VitalTac for a few months now and it’s never failed me. It’s become my go-to for pretty much anything that needs bright light. It’s like having a floodlight in your hand. The simplicity of operation is just outstanding. Absolute must-have!”

Jamie D. - Spring Valley, NV

Awesome design

Easy to operate, durable, and incredibly bright! The VitalTac is a game changer for outdoor enthusiasts.

David L. - Peoria, IL

Couldn’t be happier!

“I work in construction, where your tools for the job can make or break you. The VitalTac has saved my hide on more than a few occasions when I really needed it. I’ve never had a more reliable flashlight, especially not one this powerful.”

Mark T. - Austin, TX

How much does it cost?

Given it’s high quality and even higher demand, you’d be surprised to find that the VitalTac is affordably priced. At only $45 per unit, the device is unique in its price point, delivering power, dependability and practicality that punches way above its competitors. Other similar devices that claim to do what the VitalTac can are priced up to three times that amount, and even then the device you get might not even perform half as well. If you’re looking for value for money, the VitalTac is truly the best option that is available to anyone not in the military.

If that wasn’t enough, their official website is offering discounted prices on their remaining stock. It’s an incredible value for something that will practically last a lifetime. I suggest getting yourself a pair before they run out — and I predict they definitely will.

Where can I get the VitalTac Flashlight?

You can buy the VitalTac Flashlight at up to 50% OFF directly from their website by clicking this link. Keep in mind this is the only place online where we found the VitalTac at this rock bottom price. The discounted price could be removed any day now.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

I think you already know the answer, but my opinion (and that of thousands of customers) is that it is ABSOLUTELY worth it. 

The value you’re getting at this price is simply unrivaled. You’re never going to find a tactical flashlight that does what the VitalTac does at its price point. I know, I’ve checked.

Plus, there’s one last perk — there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you are still on the fence you can just give it a try. Buying it now at a deep discount is more of a maybe than a yes. I promise you won’t regret it. 

UPDATE as of June 19, 2024

The VitalTac Flashlight has garnered significant attention, thanks to national news coverage, resulting in a skyrocketing demand. To meet the overwhelming interest, the company has decided to extend the exclusive 50% OFF sale for just one more day. But, stocks are limited! You have to act now to secure your VitalTac. Remember, if you're not completely satisfied, you can always return it for a refund!